High School Seniors.

Graduation is a significant milestone – it’s the end and the beginning of something wonderful. It’s also an opportunity to capture you and your tremendous potential. 

Each session is a collaborative process to represent yourself in the way you’d most like to be seen. Your thoughts, your actions, your mind - there's no one like you. That's what we'll capture.

Whether through a portrait or a lifestyle shoot, it’s all worth documenting. My hope is that these photos celebrate where you are now and what you dream of becoming.

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Capturing memories.

Families are dynamic and not easily defined – and that’s what we’ll capture.

Through intimate and compelling portraits that document life and the moments that matter, I capture your family’s essence. Rather than focusing on lining up the perfect pose, I encourage families to interact naturally because, in the end, memories are made up of the time you share together – the beauty, the chaos, and everything in between.

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Empowering Female Portraits.

You are right where you need to be. You are strong and you should be celebrated. 

The feminine spirit is alluring, confident, and tenacious. I love capturing portraits of women to inspire confidence and radiance within. To encourage women to realize that their true strength has been with them all along. 

Personal portraiture isn’t superficial nor is it self-indulgent. It’s a chance to honor who you are and all that you have achieved.

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Tell Your Story - With Integrity.

How do you want to present yourself to the world?

In an age of high-media turnover, maintaining a collection of high-quality and versatile photos elevate and enhance your appeal. Visually connecting with your audience through imagery makes it a pleasure for potential customers to connect with your mission. Whether photos are for your website, LinkedIn, or an alternative source, stay fresh and relevant with styled and professionally shot portraits. 

Think of the headshot as personal branding, as a tool to express who you are, what you do, and why you want to do it.

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Scenic Landscapes

Honoring the outdoors

When captured with a trained eye, the intricacies of a natural landscape can inspire and awe.

With the eye of a naturalist and a love of the outdoors, Karl represents nature whimsically and wisely. Shots balance realism with a creative eye to showcase photos that immerse the viewer into the scene. Scenic landscapes add a touch of serenity to any environment - from office to home. Contact Karl to discuss what elements of the natural world you'd like to bring to your space.

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