Karl's photos are so natural.  They don't look posed.  That was important to me.  The settings were perfect and it was so much fun to work with him. He really let me set the tone of the shoot. It was awesome! I would strongly recommend Karl for your senior portraits. He is easy to work with... His "chill" demeanor just puts you at ease...especially if you’re a little nervous about the shoot. You will have so much fun you will want to do it again and again!





“Karl's photography is real. There’s nothing edited and fake about his pictures. Karl was extremely professional and his approach was uniquely incomparable to any other photographer. He took time to get to know us and made sure we had a good experience and truly loved our portraits. 

Kenny- my session with Karl was amazing! I had such a blast and really enjoyed getting my pictures taken from him! He was really down to earth and nice.

Ali- my experience with Karl was unforgettable. I was amazed with his eagerness and admiration to connect with his customers and have a great time. If I could retake my senior pictures, I would do it all over again with Karl!”

Ali and Kenny

“I heard that Karl was the best!  His photography always looked natural and not too pose-y. My session was extremely fun and light-hearted. The poses were very natural and not too serious. We took a lot of weird, funny shots but I ended up liking those the best.”