Day 29 of 35 years/ 35 days / by Karl Ermisch

It's Day 29 and I was just remembering when my Grandmother passed away. She lived a good, long life until age 96. As people came into the funeral home, I watched as everyone did the usual; act somber, talk in a whisper and even restrain their joy at seeing those they hadn't seen since the last family wedding or funeral. This is how we're trained to act in funeral homes and yet, it was completely contrary to the joy my family experienced together. I knew we had slipped into a societal way of being and that someone had to point that out. So I stood up and went to coffin right and simply pointed out that at 96, Grandma would be very disappointed watching us act so sad. Shortly thereafter, the whole room was abuzz with hugs and kisses and celebrating a life well lived. I also remember my brother yelling "Karl for President." Well that's not going to happen but one thing did, I don't shy away from sharing my heart and I'm doing it again today