A Horse is a Horse, of Course of Course / by Karl Ermisch

The song goes on to say that no one can talk to a horse of course, that is of course, unless the horse, is the famous Mr. Ed.  

Yeah, we had some pretty strange TV shows growing up.  Memories of years gone by often come flooding back to mind when sad events occur and such was the case on Saturday morning when we found our handsome stallion, Lucks War Charge (Lucky) dead in his corral.  

For much of the morning, while I was preparing his burial spot, this song kept running through my mind and as annoying as it was, the irony was apparent to me.  You see, Lucky was 110% stallion. Proud.  Powerful.  Majestic.  He was never saddled, not once. No one dared.  Even the vet left his shots with me because he was afraid.  

That's actually really funny, because Lucky was one of the most gentle and social animals I've ever known.  Go within 50 feet of his corral and he'd come over as if to say, "hey buddy, wanna visit"?  From the garden, Linda would converse with him daily while she worked.  Go in his corral and he would follow you around like a dog, occasionally nudging you as if to say, "hey, where ya going, let's talk".  Lucky was iconic and he was our friend.  His loss hurts deeply.

    2 of my favorite from last Fall

    Our last photos of Lucky taken on Thursday, just 2 days before with no indication of what was coming. 

    Lucks War Charge 2/18/87-6/11/16

    Lucks War Charge 2/18/87-6/11/16

    I took this portrait of Lucky in 2003.  A thunderstorm came through and as is usually the case, dramatic clouds umbrella the landscape.  It was the perfect background for this portrait.  Admittedly, this was a while ago and I wasn't yet fully comfortable being in his corral with him.  I saw the light shimmering on his coat and was thinking to myself, if only he would turn his head profile.... then without any coaching from me, he did just that.  Thanks for being such a good friend, Lucky.  We'll see you again!