Friends / by Karl Ermisch

The senior portrait is a time honored tradition commemorating a significant milestone in a persons life.  Individual portraits circulate on every social media site and countless prints are sent to family and friends.  It's a good tradition because this truly is one of life's great milestones.  One they share with a multitude of friends that they've known their entire life.  It's with that in mind that prompted me to start offering "Friend" sessions because at the end of the day, no accomplishment is worth much without sharing it with your friends.  For this session, I met Vince and 5 of his friends, near the factories in Little Falls.  This being one of the mildest winters we've had years, it was another beautiful day for working outdoors. While I always start with a mental shoot list, once I'm on the scene I find it best to just stay in the moment and let our collective imaginations loose. The end result was a lot of fun, some great images and yet another memory!