Devin Sanchez-NY Mills Senior 2018 by Karl Ermisch

It's hard to believe that 2017 presents my 40 year reunion from High School.  Senior portraits have changed a lot in 40 years and I'm proud to say that I've been one of the trendsetters.  Today's style is about story telling so that beyond the flattering likeness of my subject, you learn much more about their personality and style.  Combined with a cool editorial, magazine style, Senior Portraits are all grown up.  Share this with your friends! 

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Danielle and Greg Got Married-Central NY Wedding Photographer by Karl Ermisch

Share with Family and friends.  It's a great way to remember their special day.  While Danielle and Greg are new friends, I've known Danielle's Mom for years.  I have always appreciated the confidence and trust of my clients but when they are also valued friends, it's even better.  So honored to be a part of this great couples special day filled with wonderful people and incredible memories!

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Day 29 of 35 years/ 35 days by Karl Ermisch

It's Day 29 and I was just remembering when my Grandmother passed away. She lived a good, long life until age 96. As people came into the funeral home, I watched as everyone did the usual; act somber, talk in a whisper and even restrain their joy at seeing those they hadn't seen since the last family wedding or funeral. This is how we're trained to act in funeral homes and yet, it was completely contrary to the joy my family experienced together. I knew we had slipped into a societal way of being and that someone had to point that out. So I stood up and went to coffin right and simply pointed out that at 96, Grandma would be very disappointed watching us act so sad. Shortly thereafter, the whole room was abuzz with hugs and kisses and celebrating a life well lived. I also remember my brother yelling "Karl for President." Well that's not going to happen but one thing did, I don't shy away from sharing my heart and I'm doing it again today

Day 28 of 35 years/ 35 days by Karl Ermisch

Day 28 and as the saying goes, time flies! While it seems to have picked up the pace the "Still" photograph can capture and hold any moment. It may be the single greatest joy of photography, to know that in the midst of constant movement, the photographer can capture the essence of a person, place or thing. Hope you enjoy this!

Day 27 of 35 Years/ 35 days by Karl Ermisch

Welcome to Day 27! For as long as I can remember, I have been very introspective, constantly considering how the world works, why certain things happen the way they do and in general, wondering about a lot of things. While this blog has been a look back at 35 years as a professional photographer, I am much more than what I do for a living and there are many topics I consider to be even more important than my life's work. Today, as I do from time to time, I'm talking about and asking questions about one of life's great mysteries. I hope you'll take it in stride and contemplate it for yourself.