About Karl Ermisch.

Karl Ermisch, a master photographer for over 35 years, explores the depths of the human condition through the lens. Using the power of photobiography, where a person's biography is revealed through visual mementos, Karl captures personalities and celebrates life.

Under the mentorship of some of the world's most respected photographers, Karl has developed a unique style and approach to photography that sets him apart from traditional lensmen. With a passion for lifelong learning and creative exploration, he is always eager to explore new tools, ideas, and types of clients.

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Working together.

We'll be a great fit for each other if you're looking for a photography session that transcends the physical photo. With an emphasis on a client's story rather than their appearance, Karl incorporates intricacies into each photo through a trained artistic eye. Karl aims to change the typical behavior of individuals shying away from their captured appearance. Instead, he encourages clients to embrace their unique beauty. Sessions with Karl are dynamic and organic - creating an image is as much of a process as it is an end result.