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Karl Ermisch  

Authenticity is defined as the quality of being real or genuine.  It's frequently used in culture today to describe individuals who are honest and transparent about who they are.  For me, it is the basis of my work, to discover who you are, not just what you look like.  Why? Because your life is your story and while you might share some commonality with your family and friends, each of us enjoys a very personal experience of life distinct from anyone else.  My father use to tell me that anything worth doing is worth doing well.  To stop at just a flattering likeness of you would be falling far short of that goal.  There's much more to you than just good looks.  Let's take a look together and tell your true story.


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“My portraits highlight the best me. I was so comfortable during the session and had so much fun. Karl is a dream photographer. There’s no pressure. He’s very laid back and just lets it happen. It all just unfolds naturally so he captures the real you!” Adrienne

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We were looking around at photographers and Karl seemed like the perfect fit. The pictures were high quality and professional. They seemed like quite a fun time and a huge variety of places were options for locations to take pictures. As a matter of fact, nowhere was off limits! - Ali